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Teton Tioga #10 Magnum LA, not the regular reel -- much better for spey lines.

I'm not a big fan of the St. Croix -- not the most capable rod out there -- quite soft and not much guts. Rods that I've tried or owned in the same price and size range with much more horsepower? Loop Blue 8124 -- an 8 wt. despite the 8/9 rating with a stiff butt that will cast as far as you're likely to need to go, but with a light quick tip that makes for easy short range spey casting or fishing with bobber and nymph. The CND 1308SP also comes to mind -- a similar action to the St. Croix but way more capable. The fast Daiwa Lochmor 12'6" - 8 wt. -- a casting cannon that I've tossed a DL 8/9 an honest 100' but still tractable in tight.

I've not tried the light TFO but it's supposed to be a decent rod. I'm also holding for someone a used Loomis GL3 12'6" - 7/8 that's a little gem and $400.00 CAD, no tube.

There are a lot of other great rods in this size range but they're a fair bit more money so I haven't mentioned them. After spending time with Dave's St. Croix, I really don't think it's a great choice despite the price. Yes it will cast, and yes you can catch fish with it and no, it isn't junk, but cast it side-by-side with the Loop, CND, Daiwa, or GL3 and you'd never go back to it.

But then, you live in Wisconsin so buying St. Croix maybe a requirement of state citizenship or something.

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