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Clothing list

When I head south I usually wear most of what I bring on my back and then dress down when it gets warmer and carry those in a plastic bag that is packed. This leaves room for food stuff in the minimal bags which are carried on board. All essential items ALLOWED (hooks are not!) should be in the on board bags. Carry your rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bahamas Air will lose them! And they don't really care if you ever get them back!!!!!!! I think you'll find a few second hand rods at the pawn broker in Nassau.

Lastly, if you need to purchase flats clothing don't scimp! Look into the 'bug off' clothing line by one of our nonsponsors. Everyone I've spoken with that's been to the Acklins swore at the mosquitoes. This will allow you to use a minimal amount of deet which should also be on the "Must Have List".

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