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Gatorade does come in powder form, and according to Hylena there is a grocery store that is sparse I am sure. Gallon jugs of drinking water are available and with full refrigeration units we can boil and chill as much as we need. (put collapsible camp jug on list)

I plan on bringing powdered drink, rice pilaf (although carribean peas and rice should be plentiful), power bars, pasta, herbs / spices, etc. Since there is no need for waders and not much is needed in the way of clothing I should have plenty of room when compared to a striper or steelhead trip. Each one of these items we bring takes care of multiple people, for instance a box of pasta. If we all put some stuff into the bag, we will cut the grocery bill dramatically before we even step on bonefish country soil.

Don't forget there are at least three bonefish lodges with a tourist-grade restaurants nearby, I'm sure they welcome guest diners and will probably carry common western items in their gift shop like gatorade. We should plan on a Wednesday dinner and a last night formal dinner just to break things up. (I will call to make sure that will work out)

I find it difficult to imagine that a group of anglers would not rustle up some grouper or make a deal with local fishermen, and the $20 license entitles one to 6 lobsters a day. I think it would be hilarious to give one team hunt duty each day to come up with a main course. Our own little reality show

What we found out in Exuma (although far more populated) is that the locals have to eat, and they all don't cook their own. We found that at the roadside eateries where most locals were stopping, the nightly grilled specials were about $6 and delicious - chicken, ribs, grouper, etc. In a full kitchen unit we never cooked even once. We might not get that lucky here but again when compared to a typical camping trip it looks lavish to me.

I have attended many a Forum event, and one thing they all have in common - there is a feast involved and eating is never one of the low points
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