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Again, I'm in regardless of the final decision. Juro, I agree with your last comments and think that fishable flats and plentiful hungry bones should be the primary basis for our decision. Two points I'd like to raise.....

1. The imprtance of flexibility in our costs. Juro you mentioned this in your last post. I like the idea of having individual or double room costs (flights as well). The possibility of cancellations always looms. Though nobody's fault, we all have lives and families and things come up - emergencies, unforseen obligations etc. By lodging in double or single occupancy rooms and avoiding charter flights we can ensure that the trip survives with no increase in costs to the people going even if people have to drop out.

2. Square mileage of flats. We're going to need alot of DIY ground. I think everyone interested in this trip has seen the way one tear @$% spooked bone can ruin hundreds of square yards of feeding fish by streaking across a flat. We're a helluva good group of fishermen but there will be spooked fish and with ten guys out on those flats we're going to need room.

Well, that's my .02, I can't wait for this to happen and to fish with all you guys.

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