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Has anyone tried applying anything on the spindle to prevent corrosionn. I use one such product -- I do not want to mention its name, but email me if you are interested -- on all my reels. Since I started using it, I have fished the salt only once. Consequently, my experience should not be etched in stone, but the two reels I used have not shown any signs of saltwater wear.

I am tempted to try it on the LS2 I just acquired, but am a bit concerned that it might make the spindle so slick that it will start slipping. Well, having said all that, I have decided to give it a try anyway. I will post again in a week or so to let you know whether there were any problems.

I am told by the distributor of the product that it will not adversely affect plastic or rubber, so I am not worried about the seals/o-rings. Time will tell.

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