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Nick Pionessa OOFS
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One technique that goes largely unused works very well in the cold water. it is essentialy a greased line presentation only about a foot off the bottom. it also works well with tips. make your cast straight across or even a little upstream. keep just enough tension on the line to feel a strike. allow the fly to essentialy dead drift in a broadside manner until it is at the 45 deg down position.this gets the fly deep at current speed and sets up the swing. when the fly gets below you now make an upstream mend, attempting to get all the line parellel to the current. now the fly will swing just like you made a down and across cast but it is much deeper and slower. fish will ocasionally take in the dead drift part, but most of them come when the corner is turned and the fly starts to "get away". the real trick will be detecting the takes in water less than 40 the takes can be very subtle. you will have to go by feel as to when to set, but you will pick it up soon enough. i hope this helps.
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