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Thanks Frank. Great to have you aboard along with Fred A! Plug away on the internet and find whatever you can from other DIY fisherman. That would be a great help. Here is some valuable info from Steve Vletas, author of Bahamas Flyfishing Guide. Here is what he had to say about Long Island in a PM to me:

Lot's of people write to us about fishing on their own, but usually they are not serious or interested in fishing and exploring on their own. They just want us to tell them everything, including all tide nuances. This defeats the purpose of fishing on your own, exploring on your own. If that's what they want, hire guides! If you really want to fish and explore on your own, south Long Island, meaning south of Deadman's cay all the way to the end of the island, is the best remote fishing you can access without a boat anywhere in the Bahamas.

And Acklins:

Better be prepared for unforseen glitches in car rentals, fuel, resturants that are open and finding groceries. Ther are only a few lodging choices. Also be aware that mosquitoes are an every day presence and worse after rain. A wonderful place to explore if you are patient and can deal with the above. Also, very few roads, if you can find them leading to productive flats. Bushwacking is a neccessity. The Crookeds are a different story as it is more heavily populated, but not by far. Services are better there.

More on the Acklins: Crooked from Juro. Let's keep this count going!

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