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(A) saltchuck/boat

either a floating line for fishing sliders or poppers, or a rio striperline in the 350-450 grain class (the line with the blueish clear intermediate running line). fishing solely 8 wt. rods because i feel that i heavier rod is not necessary... client landed a 17 lb. coho 2 days ago on an 8 wt with no problems (luckily the fish stayed away from props <G>). leaders consist of a couple feet of 40 lb butt section looped to 15 lb maxima tippet (another couple feet). the heavy test is solely so one can deal with the fish at the side of boat to minimize mortality on the wild fish that must be released (these are loose scale fish, so bringing them on board or netting them can be harmful). for flies, i fish flashtail clousers most of the time, with chartreuse and white being the best color. i find a size 1 hook (TMC 811S) the best size with the fly around 4-5 inches long. other flies work well (they are aggressively feeding silvers), but i have noticed that flies tied with lead-eyes or a cone-head (like popovics jiggy) work better than unweighted flies probably due to the up and down action the weight provides.

as for line management, i use the fly-line tamer buckets and would recommend them to all flyfishers fishing out of a boat. not only do they keep the line from tangling on everything within the boat, but one can keep the line stripped out, put their rod in the bucket and run to the next spot, and start fishing immediately without having to re-strip out line (the weighted base on the tamer allows this).

i just do the offshore fishing (over a mile offshore) so i don't know how much of this would translate to fishing along kelp beds or near-shore from a boat.

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