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Good point Juro. Bob did not mention the name of the company that flys us to Long Island from Georgetown although he says they are safe and very reliable. He must know. He uses them himself. A 5 passenger plane is $275 and the nine passenger plane is $390. These quotes are for one way travel. He did not mention landing fees. I will check. Also will check on max. capacity on the cars or if we can get a van.
The Turnbull house is $2000 for the week.

This is the reason I am asking for the headcount now. We will have a better idea of expenses when that count is firm. If we rent a boat there should be no guiding or should I say poling of said boat. This will only infuriate any of the guides in the Bahamas as they are the only ones allowed to guide there.

No need to go North of Deadmans Cay. Bob has assured me there are plenty of spots to explore to the south. You don't see them from space but they are there.
Steve Vletas has also confirmed this fact. We can take a ride up to Cape Santa Maria
if need be for the spouse trip as a dual purpose venture.

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