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I fish in Puget Sound, one really big estuary. My fishing this year has been both from shore and from my boat that I bought in March.

For most of my fishing, my standard "tool" consists of a Thomas & Thomas Horizon 906S-4 rod with a Penn International 1.5G reel set up with a shooting head system. Running line is a Cortland .031 running line and shooting heads are 8wt floater and clear intermediate.

Current "big gun" is my Thomas & Thomas Horizon 908S-4 rod with Lamson LP 3.5 reel also set up with a shooting head system. Running line on this is a Scientific Anglers Mastery .035. Shooting heads are 10wt floater and clear intermediate. Since getting my boat this year I've been experimenting with LC-13 to get down deeper and actually connected with an 11lb King about 2 months ago; my first on a fly rod. Landed a 15lb Chum on the rod last year and didn't feel too overwhelmed.

If I begin to feel undergunned for the "Fall Hooknoses" this year, I have a tax refund check starting to burn a hole in my pocket - a 10wt T&T Horizon might round out the collection nicely. Of course, that would require a new reel (not to mention a few more refund checks)...something from the Abel line sure would look good on that rod. What the heck, may as well go for the gold, you only live once.

I use 5, and 9 foot hand tied leaders. They connect to the shooting head by a Kreh Loop and also terminate at the tapered section with a Kreh Loop To this, I loop my fluorocarbon tippets that are tied with 30-turn Bimini Twists. Flies are attached using and Orvis Knot.

I've noticed stripping baskets becoming more prevalent among those fishing Puget Sound's shoreline this year. I use mine religiously and consider it essential. Finally broke down and bought Orvis' and happy I did.

Most folks fishing from shore seem to be using full length clear intermediate lines like Cortland's Clear Camo. Lots of false casting going on along the shoreline.

Experiments for this year? Still getting used to flyfishing from a boat, so that experiment will continue for years to come.
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