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My fishing areas by the fly fall into these areas

[A] Saltchuck-shore
[B] Estuary-shore
[C] River mouth
[D] River

The shooter is a sage rplx 9wt. 9 foot 3 piece
The Reel Lamson LP 3.5
I use shooting heads starting with clear intermediate
through to approx class 5 dependent on water

The prey starts with coho, pinks, chum and chinook.

At this time of the year I am fishing areas A, B, and C.

The high time of the river fisherey will start about mid Sept in my area

Yes the Stripping Basket is appearing this year. Fished
next to a young boy who was using one because his Grand Father
told him to try it. He will never give it up and says
he wants to try it in the rivers.

My .02
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