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Ridiculous Clave... Head Count!

OK. We've narrowed our search down to two locations in the southern Bahamas.

Long Island---Deadams Cay 4/12---4/19
Crooked--Acklins Island ??????????

Airfare to Great Exuma is currently about $450.00 per person RT with Taxes from PVD. A hired air charter for nine passengers from Georgetown, Exuma will run $90.00 RT and is a very short flight. A car will run us $50.00 a day divided by the group. Lodging stands at around $225.OO PP for the week. Check out previous posts with details on the Turnbull House on Long Island. So, we are at around $800 per person before we add food, drink and options for guiding.

It's time for a headcount again on who wants to go, regardless of destination.
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Akclins Crooked Island Adventure-- Somewhat primative. Juro will post soon on this.

Deadmans Cay Long Island --------- Very civilized w/ all the amenities.

Please reserve your reply to this thread to head counts only. We need info from Juro
on Acklins Crookeds before we comment on that destination.

Thank you,

Phil Sheffield
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