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Silvers & Seals

Sunday morning 1st light put the canoe in near the Duckabush River on the Hood Canal. Great morning, glassy, lots of eagles and osprey. Also just a ton of seals that followed us as soon as we left the boat ramp. Every time I turned around there were 4 or 5 sets of eyes right behind the canoe. About 200 yards out in the canal we started to see bait being chased by what I thought were Silvers. The bait would scatter in every dirrection across the surface and nice big swirls under them. We would start to make our casts into the bait and as soon as we did the Seals would swim right into the area and the bait would disapear. This happened to us 6 or 7 times and got pretty frustrating. Funny thing was the Seals didn't look like they were interested in the fish but more interested in following in out flies. They would swim in right behind the fly till they got about 20 feet behind the canoe. Has anyone else had this happen? Begining to think that a power boat might be the best way to get on to these feeding fish, the canoe seems like too much of an interest for the seals.
The day before from shore watched a guy in a fancy bass boat catching sea runs by casting into shore and stripping his fly back to the boat. His fish all looked to be about 12 to 16 inches. That whole area is just great looking water for sea runs.
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