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winter time

I'm not sure of what's available in your neck of the woods, but in the dry part of Washington, usually it a low and slow game, looking for slow back eddies and at the edge of the froggy parts of the river, drifting nymphs deep, and watching for a Baetis hatch which occurs throughout the winter, but is usually a short hatch, using VERY small patterns in slow water. Keep the ice off your tip, and a snort of single malt available. Enjoy! Its the only time you get the whole river to yourself, and its sure beats watching NFL on the tube.

Bugs of the Winter
Dry Fly
#18-22 H&L Variants, Royal Wulffs, Royal Parachutes
#18-24 Midges- Para Midges, Hatching Midges

Nymph suggestions
#16-20 Bead head Copper Johns in Red, Black, Green and Brass
#16-22 Bead head Brassies in the aforementioned colors
#16-20 Bead head and standard PT's, Princes, Hares Ears, Soft hackle PT's
#18-22 WD's

Streamers and Buggers
#4-10 Cone head or Bead head Rubber leg or standard Buggers in Black, Brown, Olive, White or combinations of, JJ's, Double Bunny's etc.....
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