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I've been using what's commonly called a "popper" (but is actually a slider) that was invented by my friend Leland. The only difference is that a wider bullet-shaped foam head is used instead of what I'm guessing is a smaller/thinner candlefish-shaped head on your fly. Small ones are about 2 1/2 to 3" long, and the big ones maybe 4".

Silvers (as well as Blackmouth and Sea-Run Cutts) have proven very responsive to this fly. There's nothing quite as fun as having aggressive fish attacking your popping-waking-gurgling fly while you watch the show. It's gained quite a following on the Puget Sound beaches in it's various forms. I tie it on a very thin tube and it floats when at rest. If you talk to other beach fishers, I'll bet you'll run into some that are using their own versions with success.

I've also been advised to try different retrieves. Try everything from very slow to full aggressive strips the "pop" the fly across the surface. What works varys from day to day. This is not specifically a Candelfish pattern, but has proven effective whenever salmon or cutts are actively feeding on bait. The most common theory is that injured baitfish will swim erraticly on the surface and this disturbance caused by the popper is what lures them to strike. It seems to be true - even when they don't take, fish seem to love to follow and "play" with these poppers.

See you on the beaches!

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