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Well, perhaps you need some time on the water with one of the smaller two-handers as you might be surprised. It's not just backcast room -- easy casting distance can also be handy. And don't forget that the longer the rod, the more advantage the fish has, so don't worry about overpowering fish. These rods offer greater line control, cast all day with no strain, large fishing range, handle heavy tips and large flies, plus you can cast for distance with very little room when you need to. Plus when you want to go back to nymphs and indicator, the smaller two-handers work nicer for this job than most single handers. Casting a weighted fly, BB shot, and a bobber is way easier using a spey cast with a small two-hander.

Check the "Niagara River, Skagit" thread here and see the photo of my casting position. I was hitting 80 footers from this vantage point and not putting any line over the bank.

You can also use two-handers to advantage in skinny water where there are obstructions all around you, yet the rod lets you pop out short casts using nothing but the tip and exposing no line to the mess around you. Lastly, you have a practical fishing tool for managing casting from a bank with minimum backcast room. I used to have six single-handers from 7 wt. to 10 wt. but now I only have two and both of them are in a "backup" role.

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