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Originally Posted by snaggletooth
Looking back in my journal, I had a phenomenal day on the same body of water the same day! They were really hot towards dark! Thugmeisters in the tailouts on a Type 6 Windcutter tip were the ticket for me. It seemed as if every 3 drifts would result in a pull for about the last hour and a half of the day. Some terrible weather later in the day and almost submerged the truck on the way out, but man was it worth it...

By your description................thats the day ! What a cold rainy day. They really turned on late (about 2:30 pm till "into" the dark). Porposing, chasing,active.............
My nerves were a little on edge 4 wheel' in out in the dark & rain also.

Hey..............did you get some large fish that day too ?
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