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Sitka is a trip you will have to make sometime in your lifetime. The captain I am decking for is good freinds with my boss and although he is one of the best captains in the Sitka area he has little experience with the bug rod.

If you are serious about a world class salmon fishing trip on the fly check out Tom Ohaus is a well known author and used to be the best charter captain there was in Wa. State untill he moved up north years back to still do what he loves. He runs a first class operation and has the likes of JD Love as captains. He specializes in motor mooching herring but is the area expert on fishing the Sitka area with the flyrod for both coho and kings. It isn't uncommon for the jiggers to catch kinds at depths of only 30 ft...between 4 guys on a boat, 80 kings to the boat isnt uncommon and many of these fish are caught in 30 to 60 feet of water. These fish are reachable with the flyrod.

Its the best salwater salmon fishing in the world. One of these days I would love to travel up there in the middle of June with only my flyrod in of these days.
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