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just an update i got 2 more steelies and had 4 others on the got off. one got off because i was on the opposite side of a huge log jam and the roots of a tree where down there and i was sitting on a log surrounded by 6 feet of water so i couldnt just jump in the water a fight the fish so he got in the branches i let all tension off but he still broke it. =( the fish where loving the rainbow pattern streamer i was tossing to them i couldnt beleive it i was having 4 or 5 fish follow it up constantly. in the one hole i was fishing in i have never seen anything like it i saw 22 steelies all over 18 inches. i think that some of the fish are just rainbows because of the coloration and size ther are a lot of 14 to 16 inchers that look completely different i got one that was 23 that didnt look like a steelie.

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