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Amazing Ocean Coho Fishing Awaits Us

The early reports from Alaska and BC are poiting towards an amazing coho season filled with lots of big fish.

I hear reports from Sitka daily (where I will be the first week and a half in August) and the coho fishing has been amazing. 50 fish days for 4 rods have been common and the amazing part is the average size of the fish-10 to 13 pounds with 15 pound fish being caught daily. Given that these fish put on an average of a pound a week, the middle of August should see these fish pushing an average size of 20 pounds.

...and this leads to where I come in. I will be up in Sitka the 3rd of August through the 13th to deckhand but I will also get my share of fishing in. Big coho have been seen crashing the surface everywhere and most people are jigging at an average of 30 feet. Since many on this board have alot more experience then I do when it comes to this type of fishing I want some tips, tricks and any secret flies you wouldnt mind letting me in on.

Ive got the basic techniques down but was just intrested in some tricks that might help me out. Thanks!!

BTW-I am running three differnt groups and one group of 4 cancelled because a family problem came up so if anyone get get together a group of 4, I will be decking for that trip. $1300/person for 4 nights, 3 days of fishing, includes everything except airfare and dinners.

Anyways any tips tricks and fly info would be appreciated. THANKS!!
Ryan S. Petzold
aka Sparkey and/or Special
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