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As you guys know

As you guys who have been reading some of my posts know, I am relatively new to the swinging thing, on a recent trip to the Salmon River in extremely high water, I had a moment of insanity and grabbed the single hander. Reqretted it all day. I can no longer return to those days as the only fish hooked was on the swing after bouncing a large nymph through the pool. Also saw two fish hooked on the long rod that day. I have developed some speys based on patterns I used to chuck and duck like a prince nymph tied with long spey like legs and some rubber legged stones to swing for the winter. I am interested in the results and for input on winter patterns. Thanks

ps: Also saq a fish hooked at6 the end of a swing, while the fisherman was pumping the rod back and forth at the end. About 15 sec of this back and forth motion and the fish grabbed it. Right accross the river from me, got a good look for the whole thing. It was cool
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