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Winter Flies / Colours / Sizes

Now that we're getting to the days cold, clear, low waters -- just wondering what people like to use in these conditions.

I don't have a picture of the fly, but a small, yellow wet similar to this one:

has worked for me quite well on the Credit River in these conditions. Though yellow patterns don't seem to be a high on the steelhead fly dressers list of favourites, it has worked for me with some consistency.

Some rivers get associated with a particular colour fly -- purple is the big hit for the Grand, but I wonder if this is mostly due to the predominant water colour. The Grand is usually stained through the Brantford/Paris/Caledonia stretch so big and purple usually works. Once the staining reduces, lighter colours work well. Pink and purple is also a good colour combo for the murk. I've been told a number of times that red & black are good colours for this stretch but that's a combo that's never worked for me.

The milky green colour of the Catt seems to favour pink flies while the slight olive stain of the Credit seems to fit yellow/chartreuse.

Always makes me wonder if there are relationships between flies, water, sunlight, and time of year, or is it a case of anglers fishing flies they believe in and then rationals are built around why they work . . . .
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