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Several flyfishers here in the South Sound swear by tube flies. Though I don't have anywhere near Topwater's experience trolling, my personal experience with conventional Clousers coincides with his: I don't feel as though I miss many that hit. Clousers are the ticket for Coho, though - take that one to the bank. Best producing Clouser for me is white/peacock Angel Hair with a few strands of Pearl Krystal Flash tied in first behind the eyes. Finished fly is about 3 inches overall. Although this is my first year flyfishing from a boat, I still have a strong preference for casting and retrieving. Maybe that will all change in the future and I'll find myself trolling more. Maybe tube flies will find their way into my arsenal. My fishing database shows that since moving to WA in Dec. 1996, I've landed 347 Silvers in 4.5 years - a little over 70/year...most were from the Sound's resident population. I have no idea how this stacks up against anyone else, but I'm content with the success I've enjoyed to date. Adding a boat to the equation expands the opportunity for me...why change the method/fly if its working?
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