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well, i like the tubes for trolling flies, but prefer standard hooks for casting and retreiving. i also find that a fast strip isn't always best. just work the clouser, letting it drop between strips and for me i don't feel like i miss many strikes. the chartreuse/white flashtail clouser is my no.1 fly for ocean silvers. i've tried many others (including tubes and flies with a trailing hook) but none have outproduced the clouser. i think the constant movement the lead eyes produce plus the movement of the trailing flash are the two main strike producers.

plus, i can tie a dozen clousers in an hour... can't say the same about tubes <G>. as for my bucktailing flies, i've been using silicone instead of epoxy or other glues to form the heads... it allows me to get that v-wake going at slower speeds (i find slow outproduces fast as long as the fly is up and waking)... but i find myself doing less and less trolling and more casting. with the numbers of fish we've seen the last couple summers... almost every rip is loaded with silvers so why troll.
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