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Since I live in Gig Harbor (Tides Tavern still serves up some great Fish & Chips) I'm going to concentrate my efforts around the immediate area this year and get familiar with the local waters by boat; maybe a trip or two up to the Port Townsend area later this fall when the big Silvers return to get into them early. Up 'til now I've been wading from shore (Purdy Spit, Doc's at the Narrows Bridge, Olalla, Gig Harbor Lighthouse etc.) BTW, you'd be surprised the number of Boston Whalers in the Puget Sound area...we've even got an "unofficial, informal" association of BW owners started recently and are planning a "rendezvous" on Lake Washington on 8/25. You're right: the perfect boat for FF'ing Puget Sound (be sure foul weather gear is aboard in the console, however.) Can't beat the "unsinkable legend."

Adrian: The Puget Sound area is a remarkable fishery. All species of Salmon, Searun Cutthroat Trout and Steelhead in the estuaries before they migrate up the rivers give us a virtual year-round opportunity. Sure, we have some harvest/management problems (I suspect we always will) that need to be or are currently being addressed and several runs are on the ESA list. All in all, one can still very easily participate in year 'round gamefish action with a fly rod. It may require altering your game plan from time to time, but the opportunity for sizeable gamefish action on a fly rod is never more than a couple hours away. You could do worse for a 'clave (but bring you're foul weather gear...we all have webbed feet up here in the Pacific North-Wet. )
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