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RE:Most overlooked fishery out there?


The Pacific North West in General

I think it is about time to start blowing our horne a little more about the realtively new form of fishing by fly for the pacific SALMON in the salt as well as in the fresh. This area is starting to become a destination fisherey for pacific salmon on the fly promoted by a number of the high priced resorts in the Northern BC section near the Queen Charlotte and Prince Rupert regions.
The requirement is initially to make ourselves known to each other and to form the neculus of the clave. This would Include all fisheries FRESH ,SALT and we say " THERE ARE NO STRANGERS ON THE WATER"
If Juro is in agreament we could set up a new heading as the PNW SALT & FRESH fISHEREY to collect the information we need to pull this to-gether.
I am currently working on some other avenues to add to what we can bring into the forum.


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