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alternative hooks

Originally Posted by wilbert
Willie gunn do you tie most of your patterns on tubes or do you tie trebles,doubles and singles too?? I have just started tying tubes and find them much less hastle to tie, I find small trebles are a nightmare (10's and smaller). I have most of the materials that everyone has mentioned but no jungle cock. Is it worth buying some as i think flies look much better with it but do the fish?

I also hate tying on small trebles. I find it far too time consuming and normally end up with a dozen hook pricks on my thumb and forefinger.

I have now resorted to tying most of my salmon flies on doubles.

I find them so much easier to on.

Personally I think they swim far better than trebles.

And over the years I have found that doubles land just as many, if not more fish than trebles. Whether it is because fish can leaver the treble out easier with the extra hook is up for debate?

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