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availability of kits?

Originally Posted by Leland Miyawaki

Also, the flyshop I work part-time at has just received 300 #6 and 300 #4 dink components. We will package them in packs of six and also put together popper kits with hooks, materials heads and instructions.

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Reading this thread from 2003 on tying the infamous Miyawaki popper and was wondering if you still are working at a flyshop were popper kits are available. I have not tied a fly in 15 years, and then only pretty basic trout stuff. I really enjoyed tying, but my tying desk area and fishing lost out to a nursery and raising my kids. All the kids are teenagers now, and all fly fish. Getting into salt water fishing a few years ago made me realize that most of the flies I really want to get my hands on are not available commercially, and I need to DIY. Looking forward to getting back into it. Any suggestions on best locations for material and advice?
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