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Wilbert, So you know how to just really need to know the patterns. I tie to catch fish not fishermen, my heads are big and untidy and sometimes encroach on the eye, but they seldom fall to bits and they work. I start with the pattern from either -
Successful Modern Salmon Flies Peter Mackenzie-Phillips which has a how to and the recipes.
Trout & Salmon Flies of Scotland Stan Headley which gives me most patterns.

I couldn't attempt a feather wing in fact seldom use feathers at all, often replacing hackles with artic fox. pure philistine. I have recently modified the Willie Gunn by just tying the wing direct onto a tube, no body at all. So I have two colours an aluminium Willie Gunn and a brass Willie Gunn. Do the salmon mind? I'm not sure if the ones I've been catching are just coming to tell me the flies should have a gold ribbed black body.

Materials I use most, are bucktails in mixed colours, artic fox again mixed colours and a few sparkly bits
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