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JURO, we want to go an play with them,maby tie up , an chum,an see what we can bring in, if we do it a few times, an hit a few fish,OF ANYKIND. we will be happy.
when we get everything down an use to what we are doing,gladly have you on board!I know Mike from BFAST, I sent hime a client of mine from California that I went BIllFISH fishing with,I just sent him 4 more guys to go COD fishin with. ILL give him a shout, an see what he says also.I have a 12,15 wt I used in MEXICO
Ill just use them.I had a 13wt but BROKE it there, should send it back JUST in case, never have enough BACKUP'S.when thing get going Ill keep you posted on our adventures,plenty of time to look around an ask questions.the BOAT,Rods,Reel,an PEOPLE are READY just
have to wait. will make a few runs out their threw the season,an play around,Ill be here,
P.S.Im running a BIG FISH FLY SWAP 8"-10" flies on Jeff page IT'S closed out, SORRY I forgot to ask you, maby we can do one here if it's not to late,BUT need to keep it at 6 tyers,want to know what you think first befor I put it up, Im doing 24 of them an 18 sre sold an 6 are for the swap another 6 won't mater to me.
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