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RE:Offshore 2hander Specifications?

Hi Josko!

I can only imagine the fish you've hooked offshore in the various regions you've traveled to (including our own!). By your accounts, the foregrip is a very important component of the big (BIG) flyfishing game. I see your point about there being no real need for two-handed rods in the teaser scenario, but it seems to me the extra grip wouldn't hurt.

> I'm VERY excited by my new-found ability to wang out a 90'
> two-handed cast with my 15 wt and 600 gr head. I just
> wish I could control the thing and get better than
> 25% cast success rate.

SO... tell me about your new two-handed rod!!! Did you go conquer the 'lighthouse' scenario?

Per the question of 14-15wt rods and two hands - I can't think of a reason why all mondo weight rods wouldn't be towhanded. In fact, it may open up the road to 16-17-18-19- do I hear 20? Going once... going twice....
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