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RE:Offshore 2hander Specifications?

It seems as if folks aren't sure what to make of a two handed blue water rod. I think that general wisdom holds that shorter rods give the angler a leverage advantage( which is why tuna sticks are so short). Casting(quick and accurate) would seem to be less important than fighting. Most "big game" rods have an extended grip but now even those are coming under scrutiny(negative).I spoke with Jeffry Cardenas and he sais that he doesn't use a fore grip when fishing for tuna. I like to have the option able to move my hands around during a long fight but I am always open to new ideas. I look forward to hearing about your progres.
I heard about a guy fishing with a spey rod for tarpon, but nothing beyond the novelty factor. An English guy once told me that "nothing kills a salmon faster than a two handed rod" whatever that means.
Handling the fish close to the boat will be a challenge that needs to be worked out.
It will be fun, but I would hesitate to get too cute with the fish of a life time. Maybe a week in Quepos would give you enough shots to solve problems quickly.
I don't mean to be negative, but I am having trouble seeing what problems will be solved with a two handed bluewater rod.I am all for inovation so I encourage you to experiment. At the worst, you'll have a few good storys to tell, and who of two handed bluewater fishing. Tell us more. Eddie
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