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Hi, Juro,

Sorry about the long hiatus -- moved to Waldport on the Oregon coast and sort of got buried with the details and the dunnage.

Glad to be back and thanks for the greeting.

I'll be in Florida April 19 - 28, fishing both the west coast (Gulf) and east coast in various places with my friend who lives near Gainesville. Mosquito Lagoon, Sabastian River, Ft. Myers and Engelwood are names that he's mentioned. I know absolutely nothing about these places, but am really looking forward to finding out.

I'd love to rendezvous with you whenever possible. That would be great. My friend's a cool guy -- wood boat builder of some mean talent -- and I'm sure we could accommodate another rod if it works out.

The forum has gained a lot of cool bells and whistles since my last diatribes were posted. Congratulations on a superb job.

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