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RE:Baja (La Paz - Mexico)

Pete, a few more thoughts on La Paz:
You can get a panga out of any of the big hotels like Los Arco and La Perla or you can go to a stand on the malacon. A day will cost $170. plus bait(which you will need to keep the fish at the boat).My friend Jim charges the same but he includes bait, lunch and beer.Can't beat that. I don't know if the prices will be affectedby the new gas prices.
The boats are in Las Arenas and typically you will leave town before sunrise and be home at around 3 in the afternoon. 45min. in the car is better than an hour pounding in the boat. The best fishing is often off of Isla Ceralvo.
Blue water is 20min. off the beach, and you can catch anything out of a panga. Speaking of the beach, the fishing can be excellent there as well and Jim also does wade trips.
If you want to do a twilight trip out of La Paz, I have heard that can be good. I don't know of any good beach fishing in town.
After a hot day fishing there is an excellent juice/icecream shop on the malacon. There is also an ecellent taco stand(scary but taisty)around the corner from there.
Some good web sites to check out are Amigos de Baja, and Gary Grahm's Baja on the fly. Both are a must to keep track of what's going on.
You might want to bring along some leadcore for the tuna.
That's all I can think of for now, Eddie.
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