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RE:Baja (La Paz - Mexico)

Eddie -

Great to have your feedback in the forum! I've got a signed copy of Trey Comb's book, it's a beauty. After the treatise of steelheading he did in the preceding book(s) I was glad to shake his hand and talk about fishing for a while in the Kingdome (Seattle) where I bought his book. The section on pacific ocean salmon is cool too, although the big pelagic species sure put the possibilities of flyfishing to the extreme.

As you know we really enjoy atlantic bonito (sarda sarda) on flyrods on the new england coast. Using 9wt class rods, they are a great fight and fine table fare. A lot of guys don't even need charcoal or a match (sushi!) for this wonderfully textured and flavored fish.

I've done dorado off the Florida coast on the fly, but the sailfishing was done with conventional tackle. Did the bait and switch to huge 'cuda over offshore the wrecks with the fly, that was fun.

Pete -

Take lots of pictures!

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