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thanks for the help and concerns ... but please notice the date of my post - last year.

So we went to the East Cape, stayed at Rancho Leonero (4 days - awesome - beach front cabana) and then Hotel Buena Vista (2 days - too American - too crowded).

3 days in a Panga. Got into Dorado, Skipjack, Bonita, Jacks, and Rooster on the fly, plus landed 3 marlin on conventional tackle (my first). Hooked 3 marlin trolling flies, but all 3 came unpinned - nor is that really "fly fishing" to me. I wish I had the means and the time to really fly fish for marlin, but for now I'm pretty happy chasing local steelhead 12 months a year.

and our 6 month old had a GREAT time. We'll be going back.
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