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RE:Baja (La Paz - Mexico)

I have fished out of La Paz a bunch of times. I love that place. Most of the panga captains are not well versed with fly fishing and it can be frustraiting (especially if you don't speak spanish). To them, flyfishing is insane. My buddy Jim lives in town during the summer, and he takes people out to flyfish.I think you would do well to give him a call. Even if you don't go out with him, he is very helpful and has been fishing there for years. His#520-325-8358.
I fish out of Las Arenas, about 45min. south east of La Paz. The fishing can be excellent. Dorado will be your main target but you might come across bonita, sailfish, striped marlin, blue marlin, and from the beach roosterfish and jack crevalle.
Billfish are a lot of time/work for furtive results, but like stealhead, the payoff can be big. Dorado are god's gift to the flyfisherman. Roosterfish are like permit(holy grail), and jacks and bonita don't get any respect, but will put a smile on your face every time.
For billfish you need a#12+. For big dorado(30#) a #11 is good. A #10 will be good for most every thing, and a#8 is fun on the beach. I like the clear intermediate lines( "tarpon taper" ). For reels it's been said a thousand times"strong smooth drag" and a couple of hundred yards of backing (I like to have a few hundred for pelagic fish). Unfortunately these reels are expensive, but this is what tibors and abels are made for. Nothing less will take care of you. I think that Trey Comb's book Blue Water Flyfishing is the best place to start.
If you have never caught a pelagic fish, there is nothing that compares.
One cast can change your day...maybe your life.
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