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Whoa there!

Did you not say 6 month old baby? Forgive me if you folks do not agee with me, but there's no way I'd take a baby of that age out of the country. I raised three kids and have spent time abroad. That child will not have had sufficient immunization to withstand any disease that the third world might throw at it, and believe me, kids are more succeptible to catching bugs than adults. The infant mortality rate is seriously high outside the US. There's a reason fo that. The diseases we have wiped out here still are serious issues in the third world. I have been in Mexico and been ill, it could be devastating to child so young. Health care there is shakey at best, and believe me, they'd want every penny you have just to inadequately treat your child. Could be a very bad idea. I would check with your pediatrician first. What is wrong with Hawaii if tropical is what you want, or Marthas Vineyard o some other such place in the safe ol' USA?

Better think about it!
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