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Hi, Mel,

Thanks for the response. I was beginning to think everyone was dead out there.

In reply to your question about casting blind to 5 and 10 pound fish as opposed to fishing for giant tarpon, you correctly surmised that I am a steelheader. As such, and preferring a fly rod to do the majority of my fishing with, I like fish in the 5 to 25 pound bracket. Then, too, I've never caught a tarpon and would like to experience the thrill of a hooking a manageable fish on an 8 to 10 wt outfit, and maybe catch a number of them, along with maybe a few reds, snook, ladyfish and specks if I had a chance.

Maybe after catching a number of smaller tarpon I would want to go after the giants, but right now it's more the experience I'm after, and baby tarpon are what I have my sights set on.

thanks again, and best wishes for total bookings,

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