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wish I could be more encouraging on the two hander

From your inofrmation you appear to a "small stream " trout fisherman. Use the same rod and same equipmentyou would use on the small stream for spooky trout and apply them to the bonefish. Distance casting is a myth in will catch a lot more fish within thirty feet than you will outside 50. Yes, I can cast 100 feet anytime I want to ,so this is nto a response from someonewho cannot cast. Stealth, quiet apporaches in wading, minimum false casting, keeping shadows off fish, placing the sun behind you when approaching, maximum leader length (16-18 ft)you can cast with no tippet smaller than 10 pounds. Flies designed to landly softly but sink quickly. Maker your fisrt cast the best cast....leave the spey rod at home...i have fished two handed rods all over, and have fished the bahammas for bonefish for many many years. You can possibly use the two handers in "mudding fish" in five feet or more of water with a heavier sink tip and if you overhead cast and keep the tip from anchoring as you would in conventional casting...any bonefish that is slightly wise is going to spook immediately upon any repeated anchoring of a spey cast anywhere within his domain. Been there ,tried it...stick with 9 foot 6 weights and apply the rules above and you will catch more fish...2 cents.
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