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I would recommend any short belly spey line in an 8/9 weight as your LOOP is an 8/9. I use a rio windcutter for my 10'6 8/9. Just use the running line and the tip (don't use the mid belly section). In fact, for maximum distance casting, replace the running line with Rio Slickshooter. It is great for long and short casting. Get a multip version so you are versatile. Experiment with how much line to have out of the tip for your initial forward roll cast. Once you figure it out mark the spot on the running line with a waterproof marker. You can easily roll cast 50 feet (shooting some line in the process) and go directly into your back cast and then launch the line out with either a two handed cast or a single handed cast with a haul. The trick is aiming your roll cast above the water when bonefishing. When casting to fish that aren't easily spooked I let the fly touch the surface so I can water haul into my back cast. It will take a few tries to get the hang of it.
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