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Juro advice #1 -- most definitely -- that's where we were this morning on the Grand, in the good swing water and away from the bottom bouncing water. There's the float rodders section up by the dam and there's the section we fish that's a few hundred yards downstream and we often have it to ourselves.

As I discovered when I realized that I've been screwing up the spiral single all this time and in reality doing the upriver snake, I found that it was a good "obstructions" cast when casting in that 45 to 60 degree cone. I can't do the thing a bit down river and have it go 90 degrees, and stay out of the bankside weeds.

Ed, about the rods. The river was still high & dirty today so I continued working on the continuous load. Half the day was spent with the stiff Daiwa and half with the Loop Blue 8/9 that's a bit softer in the tip. Two things stuck out -- under 70', the Blue was definitely the easier of the two as that soft tip loaded up very nicely. The Daiwa takes a bit more finesse to get right. Over 70', no contest. The Blue was work but the Daiwa just sailed it out there. This sorts things out nicely as the Daiwa is more suitable for the wide Grand anyway, while the Blue will be nicer on the smaller waters. However, compared to the 7136 Greenie, I consider the Blue to be a much stiffer rod. That's the problem with these rod action terms, they mean different things to different people.

Funny, but I had no trouble with either rod, working very close to the bank while using the double. I just used a far forward anchor placement and away she goes. In the attached picture, I was standing on a submerged rock that was about 3' from the bank. It shows my rod with the line on the dangle just before starting the double (with the camera put away first, of course). I had no trouble popping out good casts from this position and I think I only whacked the bankside weeds once when I forgot myself and threw a normal D-Loop. I was using 26' of SSH attached to a 15' T-6 tip.

Oh ya, forgot -- the fly was one of my purple & pink BUFFs on a 2/0 heavy salmon iron.
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