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The biggest argument against a one-piece 80lb leader is safety. You absolutely do NOT want to have a loop of line around your leg, arm, wrist, etc. when you hook a fish or you will be leaving the boat. I feel this is particularly likely on pangas and super pangas because of their instability compared to larger vessels. The reason that class tippets were developed had at least as much to do with safety as it did in giving a fish a "sporting" chance. If you don't trust your knots, why not buy a high quality big-game leader made by companies like Rio? By the way, where can you find 150lb White Marlin in that area? I may be wrong and would love to be corrected on this, but my understanding is that most of the whites in that area are well under 100lb. That would mean a 12 weight and a standard tarpon leader should work just fine.
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