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Berry Island

I found a RT charter to Governors Harbor from Ft. Lauderdale for about $1900 divided by whichever number of passengers it takes along. Plane will hold eight comfortably. There is a $12 departure tax plus landing and takeoff fees.
My contact will attempt to arrange some other group to come back on the return flight or come out with them for our return flight which will reduce the cost even more. Housing is being looked into and I'm told this spot is DIY friendly and she books these trips on a DIY basis quite often. She didn't even know it was a problem elsewhere! At this point housing is looking like around $70 per night for a party of eight, on the beach, in a villa. We can rent boats or a Jeep Cherokee. All total about $1200 per person for eight + food and drink. I really like the Acklins as a destination but it may be tough on some of the other wallets. Only one problem with the Berry's = cold fronts.

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