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JusBones, you should be just fine using that rig for dorado. My experience with dorado is they are not leader shy in the least. Especially when others are in competition for the bait and they see an opportunity arise (your fly) and they are very agressive. Also, it is frequent you will have several dorado competing for your fly at the same time. I often will use just a heavy leader straight with no taper and have had great success with that. I've also done the shock tippet with bimini etc. and don't think with dorado there is any sense in fancy expensive leaders.

I've fished for dorado lots in Baja and caught them on flies up to 50 pounds. You should join our group going down this next July from the 14-21st. Contact me directly if interested in info. We need at least one more to round out the group.

Good luck!

P.S. you can refer to my sailfish article entitled Loreto-Baja sailfish on the fly.
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