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Ultimate coho salmon

This one is a little tougher than driving to the grocery store...

Take flight to Seattle and drive to Washington's Olympic Peninsula. Catch a 8-12 pound ocean bright coho. Remove head, entrails, and cut from cavity to tail along bottom half to butterfly. Optionally fillet bones out of the body (as opposed to the meat off the bones as we usually do). This results in a boneless butterfly fillet of coho, tail on.

Stoke a big alderwood fire until the coals are red hot and providing strong convective heat.

Find a Y shaped applewood branch, which are plentiful out west. Alder if you can't find one. Collect a bunch of applewood sprigs and alder springs for smoke.

Use no spices.

Place salmon meat side to the flame, turning occasionally on rocks next to the coals. Keep putting the sprigs on the coals to create sweet natural smoke. Take a few casts between turning fillet and adding sprigs. Cook slow but keep the juices sizzling on the fillet until it turns it's trademark bright red, and the fresh orange salmon oils drip from the meat. When the thickest part of the fillet is firm to the touch, eat the fish in chunks with your hands.

Eat with local hefferweissen ale, lemon optional. Fresh corn roasted in the husks would be a nice touch.

Enjoy brilliant sunset over the Straits of Juan De Fuca, and dream of the morning's silver flashes in the aquamarine depths of the pacific northwest's coastal tide flows and thick shouldered leaping salmon in the salt, on a fly.
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