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Best 8-weight I've cast


The best 8 weight, saltwater suitable rod I have cast in the last several years is the great tournament caster Tim Rajeff's Echo 9 foot 8 weight. This has what he calls a medium fast action. It has a quick but sensitive tip on top of a deeply powerful progressive action mid and butt section. Over the years I have cast virtually all the American 8 weights (Sage, Loomis, Winston, Fly Logic, etc.) at various venues. The best I have cast is the Echo. Amazingly, it is also the least expensive of the very good rods I have cast. In the hand it is extremely light and feels like you are casting a six-weight rod, but it will easily cast an entire WF8 line. It has plenty of fighting power for saltwater fish, especially the size of the ones you indicate.

However, I think it extremely unlikely you could find it overseas.

You might, however, be able to order it through someone like Mike Cummins (MJC) at the Red Shed Fly Shop. I know he has sent some rods to buyers outside the US. He is great to deal with.
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