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Take your rod

I have done the mexico resort gig a few times. Henry, a regular on this and other boards has also had a blast fishing the area. Now, it is NOT world class bonefishing, be aware of that. But, i have taken bones blind casting likely cuts, and lagoons. In addition you will hook up with jacks of many varities, cudas and so on. No Lic is required fishing from the beach/wading. Another option is to take the ferry to Cozumel Island. There are a few guides over there and the ferry runs several times a day. just do a few searches and you should find a couple of guides. I personally cannot recommend I have not fished Coz. So, take the rod....Gotchs did the trick.....some flashy flys for jacks and cudas...have a beer and fish a little...have another more....and fish.
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