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Hard to believe no license required for DIY world class bonefishing, but its true. I had the same question, so, in addition to reading reg's (such as they are) I inquired of my last guide from Hopetown three weeks ago. He's an old "Conch", and former world bonefish champion; he laughed, said to tell 'em to stick their bloody pole someplace useful. As usual, too many unenightened tourists screwing up a lot of good water chasing around when they ought to be more courteous. Overall, guides on Montana rivers are much more likely to put an exclamation point on the end of your nose for hole jumping. A Bahama guide knowing most folks feel naked without a fishing license, pull that one out to chase you off of "their" water. Best response would be to to tell them that "insert a named guide" told you it was ok to fish here. Even better, drop $250.00 for a 1/2 day with a knowledgeable guide, learn the area, and name drop as required. Cheap dues for the latest info.
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