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First, let me say welcome! Always good to see folks taking up a great sport like Flyfishing. I would say if your fishing for Trout more than 60-70% of your time, then the 6wt should be fine, and I might add that if the fish in your area are on average 8-14 " in length, then my money would be on a 5wt of the same brand that you described in your post. That is the set-up that I fish with, for Trout, Bass, and other fresh water Game Fish. I find it most suitable for a range of conditions. You can always get a 7wt and an extra spool for that reel at a later date. Keep us posted on what you get.
BTW, I have landed 18-20+" Trout with that set-up.......YEAH BABY, no problem!
Good casting!

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